Wandle Valley Health Centre

1 Miller Close, Mitcham, CR4 4AX
Telephone: 020 8544 2180

Maternity, Babies and Children

Antenatal Clinic

We have a dedicated midwife-led antenatal clinic. The midwife runs the clinic on a fortnightly basis and comes on a Monday.  She sees pregnant women  according to their antenatal schedule of care and is closely to St Helier Hospital

Health Visitor

Our Health Visitor runs a weekly clinic from Spencer Nursery, Spencer Road, Hackbridge CR4 4JP, on a Tuesday between 1.00pm - 3.00pm.

Every child between the ages of 5 days to 5 years is eligible for her advice. She offers help in areas such as child development, early feeding and growth, general child well-being and the childhood immunisation program.

Click here to see the recommended Childhood Immunisation Schedule.

After Delivery

If you require a 6 week postnatal check for yourself as a mother, or an 8 week check for your baby, please book in to see the Dr during the routine weekday clinics.  You can also book in to see the nurse on the same day to get your baby’s first set of immunisations.